You Don’t Need More Views | Quick Wins with COM Ep 59

I am in sunny San Diego where I have just listened to a social media conference and what I want you to get from this video is to stop thinking of MORE. What is more: more followers, more likes, more views, just stop thinking of the more and start to focus on receiving people at your door or facility. Social media has the ability to bring more and more people to surface, however, getting that like or view is not going to make them come to your services.

The big thing is to engage with them. What does it mean to engage? Respond. People like to get personal especially when they are going to buy a service or item. When someone takes the time to comment, respond to their comment, ask them questions, become interested with their story. When you are going to meet with a potential client, contact them before and after the appointment, whether they are going to accept your business or not. Not only will responding to their comments win a client over, you are going to generate more comments on that post and people will see what kind of service and atmosphere you are bringing.

Commenting back starts to bring a relationship which leads to a community. When communicating through your social media make sure you have the right target. If you focus on women getting back into shape after maternity leave make sure your articles, groups and content target those types of women.

Social media is a tool to help you with your business, a tool that can bring you to the next level of a business owner and get your platform out there. People make the business, if not, you are going to be running social media pages instead of doing the actual service you want to bring to people. Having direct contact will produce a personal level to your business and make your business unique. You will soon realize that there are clients all around you and clients who will want your services.

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