Using Videos in Online Marketing – Quick Wins With COM Ep 47

This week on Quick Wins With COM I go over the best method for utilising online video in marketing campaigns. With all the technology around these days anyone can make a decent video, but how do you can you use video in your marketing?

There are three distinct videos forms that are great for marketing campaigns. Each has its’ own impact on the consumer and when used together the three forms can lead to increased brand awareness and sales.

  1. Awareness Videos

The first form of video is all about creating awareness for your business, brand, or product. They must be entertaining and informative. Nobody is ready to purchase anything from you at this stage so the number one rule for awareness videos is Do Not Sell. The best place to post awareness videos is on your social media channels. Sites like Facebook and Instagram, with high traffic, are where you will reach the largest audience. Once you’ve got people informed and entertained you can pull them in again later with the next video form.

  1. Engagement Videos

Now by engagement I don’t mean a hidden camera showing that special moment when a she said yes, I’m talking about content that engages with the audience. These videos are targeted towards those who are already familiar with your business but are seeking more information. Things like Frequently Ask Questions or Question and Answer videos will show people what you’re all about. Use these videos to show off the best aspects of your business while simultaneously engaging with online customers.

  1. Conversion Video

Now that we have an engaged and informed audience, we need a call to action. This form of video is where you persuade the viewer to make a purchase or sign up to your mailing list. Formats like product reviews and customer testimonials will greatly increase the likelihood of a new customer making a purchase. This is the time to sell yourself.

Those are the big three video forms that you can easily use to market your business online. Watch the whole episode so you don’t miss anything.

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