The Evolution of Sales – Industry Change Episode 10

On Industry Change this week I sat down with Steve Jensen, hall of Fame Lifestyle Industry entrepreneur with over 30 years experience, to talk about the evolution of sales and marketing.

Steve bases his sales practice on the inspirational model. You need to inspire excitement and happiness in the customer for your product, or service. If you’re dealing with a customer who is excited and inspired they will be happy to go ahead and spend money. This form of sales is designed to engage with what Steve calls the ‘Green Brain’ otherwise known as the limbic system. This part of the brain is where the majority of snap decisions are made. What you’re trying to avoid with inspirational sales is engaging with the ‘Red Brain’ or neural cortex, which deals with more logical processing. To inspire your customers Steve emphasises the need to market yourself as a unique business. What is it that makes you stand out from the crowd? Use it to win the customer over, let them know that they can’t get this service anywhere else! Customers need to be convinced before they even walk into a store these days. The inspiration model is a great way to convince people to purchase your product, to get them in the door.

As technology has developed sales has had to change. Things like online shopping and even credit cards have changed the way we buy and sell. Steve was on the cutting edge of direct debit when the technology first came out. By establishing direct debit in his gyms Steve was able to make sales that other businesses would have missed out on. Being on the cutting edge, knowing what’s coming out in tech and what’s about the trend is invaluable to your business.

Customers these days are smart, they do their research they shop around for what they want. As sales has evolved it’s become more interlinked with both marketing and customer service. These three aspects are what drive your businesses’ success.

Watch the whole episode to find out Steve’s sales advice.

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