Sales is not a Dirty Word – Industry Change Episode 7

While I was in Malaysia I got the chance to meet up with Jason Campbell from Mindvalley. During our interview we spoke about the importance of sales for business.

Mindvalley’s mission is to push Humanity forward through education. They are a company that recognises that there are gaps in traditional education. Mindvalley focuses on teaching in four key areas:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirituality
  4. Impact

They teach both through online courses and offline with events like Awesomeness Fest. Mindvalley’s founder Vishen Lakhiani’s goal is to impact one billion lives worldwide!

In the interview Jason explains that sales is usually viewed as a bit of a negative thing. A necessary evil, that you have to use in order to grow your business. However sales doesn’t have to be like this, the sales philosophy at Mindvalley is unique in that they focus on how each sale creates a positive energy, a positive impact on the world as a whole. Jason describes the three sales loves as;

  1. Love Yourself
  2. Love Your Product
  3. Love Your Customer

If you can implement these three loves into each and every one of your sales then you will be able to make a positive impact! You might have worked previously making sales without much confidence in the product and this most likely had a negative effect. Sales without integrity don’t feel right. If every time you make a sale it makes the world a worse place, you won’t leave the office feeling good. That’s why sales have gotten this bad rap, because people are pushing products and services they don’t truly believe in. If you’re business is something that you love and believe in, you have a responsibility to share it with the world!

Watch the whole interview to learn more about the three loves and Mindvalley’s positive sale philosophy and don’t forget to check out the Mindvalley Academy website!


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