How to Develop a Unique Brand – Quick Wins With COM Ep 46

On Quick Wins With COM this week I discuss how to develop a unique brand for your business.

Now uniqueness is a strong element when it comes to marketing as without it the only way to compete with similar companies is pricing. Setting your products and services apart from the competition will not only attract new customers but also foster a sense of brand loyalty in returning customers. Think about why you go back to certain brands, what is it that makes them stand out from the crowd?

  1. Use Unique Branding to Create Fans:

It’s important to have clear, vision and mission statements that are easily accessible for customers. Doing so will aid in establishing the values at the core of your business. If your products are organic and cruelty free make sure to let everyone know that these sustainable, ethical, values are intrinsic to your company!

Establishing a shared set of values with your customers will make it more likely for them to interact with your company. Once someone is invested in your brand they’ll be happy to follow and share your social media channels, which then exposes your products to a wider audience.

  1. What is Your 1%?

The 1% is what I call the small differences that you can use to differentiate your brand. Take KFC as an example. The thing that sets KFC apart from any other chicken shop is it’s secrete herbs and spices. What are the herbs and spices of your business? Use them to create your brand identity, focusing on what sets you apart from competitors is a great way to develop a unique edge for your business.  If you’re not sure what you’re 1% is think about what you do really well, think about what excites you and transfer that positivity into your business.

  1. Identity Is Process, Not an Event:

Even after you have established the branding for your business remember that the process has to work. You could have the greatest marketing campaign in the world but if your customers have a poor experience they aren’t going to become fans. The day to day processes have to run smoothly! The big picture is important but it’s the smallest details that determine its’ quality in the end.

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