How To Create Unique Experiences For Your Members | Industry Change Ep 14 with Ryan Hogan

This week I sat down with long time fitness industry expert Ryan Hogan. Ryan has been in the industry for over 20 years, he has been heavily involved in Filex during that time and now is moving into a role with Wexer – creating digital experiences for gyms.

Being in the fitness industry for so long he’s seen many things come and go (including the Reebok Slide – who remembers that??). As things move into the digital space and our members expect us to provide digital experiences, it is even more important to provide an amazing experience for our clients when they are face to face with us in our facilities or at our classes.

There is a reason that Crossfit, SoulCycle and Boutique Yoga and Pilates studios are so popular. They all provide a service that other gyms and facilities provide. And yet people are passionate about getting their Crossfit in everyday? It’s not just about the product they provide, it’s about the experience that members get when they are a part of the program.

So how do you mimic this same ‘experience’ type economy in your gym, fitness studio, or group classes? There are four key things to building an experience led fitness studio.

1. Build A Tribe of Passionate Members

When people like coming to where they participate in their fitness program it’s a key ingredient in customer retention. But more than that, build a place where people enjoy hanging out with each other and spending time with each other.

2. Design an Appealing Environment

No, we’re not just talking about keeping your gym clean and tidy (although that helps!). But think of your facility as a branding exercise. Do you have a brand colour? Use it in your gym! Paint a huge logo on a wall. Connect the experience that people see online and in your branding to what they see in your facility.

3. Encourage Friendly Competition

Fostering a healthy competition keeps people engaged and coming back for more. Contests, membership rewards, and weekly challenges are all great for fostering your experience community.

4. Use technology to drive people back to experiences

We live in a digital world and our members EXPECT us to keep up. Using apps to keep people engaged and providing virtual classes all drive people back to face to face experiences in your gym.

Creating unique experiences for your customers can be powerful in building a tribe of passionate people who go out into the world and can’t help talking about your brand.

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