Business or Pleasure – Industry Change Episode 8

On Industry Change this week I’m in the beautiful Maldives, speaking with James Schramko from Super-Fast Business.

When you’re running your own business, it is difficult to establish a work life balance. Many people put themselves at the centre of their business and work themselves to the bone trying to make it a success. You might be under the assumption that this much hard work is what it takes to make. The reality is that your business, and your stress levels, will benefit from you being able to take a holiday.

James has had many successful companies and now works coaching others on business marketing and strategies. He has successfully built a team that runs smoothly on their own, allowing him to come on trips like this one to the Maldives.

This amazing lifestyle is more achievable than you would think. Your business doesn’t have to revolve around you, if you build a great, trustworthy, team of employees who know what they’re doing taking a RDO is not going to be the end of the world.

Simple things like; scheduling your time wisely, and keeping your inbox sparse can drastically cut down on the time you spend working. Delegation is another great time saver, you’re the boss you’re not there to fix every tiny problem that comes up. Once your business is established your lifestyle becomes a choice between extra revenue and extra time. Which is it that you want?

Watch the whole episode to find out more of James’s ideas and strategies, and check out the Super Fast Business website for more information on them.


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