Market Your Business – Quick Wins with COM Ep 31

Tune into to this week’s Quick Wins With COM where Richard talks about marketing the advantages of your business.

This week I was flying out of Sydney and I was looking around at all the car rental businesses. They’re all selling the same product, around the same price to people who wants cars. Everyone wants cars. So I got thinking, how do you really get your product and brand out there to stand out against people with similar products or services in the market? Do you have better customer service? Is it building better relationships with your customers? To your client, you have to create a point of difference to become the only person that they would go to.

Once you have determined your business advantage you have to market the hell out of it! Is your difference that you have brilliant customer service? Then market that, let people know that you’re the best choice.

So remember, if you’re in a congested marketplace it’s never really congested. You just have to find out what your difference is to stand out.

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