3 Ways To Up Your Content Game – Quick Wins With COM Ep 63

Everyone knows that content is important for growing your brand presence, demonstrating your expertise and getting out there in front of your ideal client. But how do you find the time to create all this content? A great tip is to batch all your content creation into one day or half a day. Get all your client together for a special shoot where you can create some amazing content.

You want to make sure that you a creating the right kind of content that will attract the right kind of audience so it’s important to think about these 3 tips before you begin.


Take some time to think about the content that you need and prepare in advance. This includes thinking about the shots that you might want to take. A great idea is to create a collage of different types of photos or videos that you like and use them for inspiration in your shoot. These may come from google, from Instagram or even Pinterest is a great way to collect ideas for these shoots.

Think about the type of videos that you want to create. There are so many different types and you want to make sure that you are getting the right shots for each. There are several different videos you could shoot on a day like this:

  • Gym walkthrough
  • Sales video
  • Exercise demonstration
  • About us
  • Educational Video

Now that you know what type of videos you are going to film, make sure that you have prepared any scripts or points that you are going to talk about. No matter how good a speaker you are – you should always have some bullet points so you can refer to the while shooting and that way nothing gets left out.


Make sure that you have the right environment to shoot in as well as everything looking good. It’s important to have your shoot in the exact place that you have your classes or sessions. If you’re a PT working out of a gym, don’t go down to the local park to shoot. This is only going to create a disconnect between your content and real life. Shooting in the same place that you train means that people know what to expect when they come in to train with you.

You also want to make sure that where you are shooting is clean and looking great! Put away any equipment that isn’t meant to be there, make sure it’s clear of rubbish. A great tip is to walk through your facility with the eyes of a visitor – you walk past things everyday and never see them – but try to look at it as if it was the first time you were coming in.


Now that you’ve prepared and got the environment right, it’s time to enlist some PEOPLE for your shoot. It’s easy to want to do this during a regular training session – but often you can’t take the time to get the shots you need, and you want to make sure that you are focused on training your clients during sessions rather than shooting video or images.

Choose some clients who are your exact avatar and invite them to a special session where you can take your time, get some good shots and content. They will love you for it, because they are getting an extra session. And give them something in return for being there – provide them with lunch, coffee, snacks, etc.

Be sure you have people who are your exact avatar for the shoot – you want to make your photos and videos as congruent as possible, so when people look at your content they identify with those people.

Taking care of the preparation, environment and the people will make a massive difference when it comes to creating new and fresh content consistently

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