3 BIGGEST Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Facebook Ads – Quick Wins With COM Ep 48

On this week’s episode of Quick Wins With COM Richard and Evielyn discuss the 3 factors for success when creating your Facebook Ads.

Here’s Evielyn’s top 3 tips for creating Facebook Ads that convert:

1. Use Original Images

If you want to stand out from everyone else in the news feed then you MUST use quality original images. It’s estimated that we see between 4000-10,000 ads every day! That’s a lot of ads. If you’re still using stock images in your ads then you’re going to get lost in the news feed. If you want to stand out online then you need to make sure that you are displaying your uniqueness – this means showcasing your business, your clients, etc. through quality original images. By doing this you’ll stand out in the news feed and your message will resonate more with your prospective customers.

2. Use Block Colours

The ads that are show stoppers in the Facebook news feed are those that use block, bold, bright colours. They literally stand out and make people stop and look and this is exactly what you want for your ads. The more they stand out in the news feed and make your customers stop and look the more likely your prospective customer will click on the ads and take up your offer.

3. Use Minimal Text

If you’ve ever run Facebook Ads then you’ll be fully aware of the dreaded 20% text rule. Although Facebook has become less strict with this rule recently, they will still restrict your ad from being shown fully if you have a lot of text on your image. Try to keep it as limited as you can and let the image speak for itself, without having to have extra text.

By using these three tips you’ll be creating show stopping ads that get people clicking and taking up your offer.

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